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Have You Been Mistreated By The Canada Revenue Agency?

Have you been treated badly by the CRA?

Have CRA employees been rude to you?

Have CRA employees treated you unfairly?  Have they bullied you?

I am getting more and more clients coming to me with their “horror stories” about mistreatment at the hands of the CRA.  It seems to me that the problem is getting worse.  I’d like to find out if this is just an anomaly or if in fact this is a more widespread problem.

Let me know what has happened to you.  I’d like to compile a list of examples of mistreatment or rude behaviour by the CRA.  Then, if this is as widespread as it seems or if there are trends or problem areas or people at the CRA, I can bring these to the attention of the senior management at the CRA.

Please e-mail me with your experiences.


  1. Tammy Peddle said:

    My son has qualified for the disability tax credit, he qualified in 2011 from the time he was born. I tried to get the child care expenses I paid in 2005 and 2006 but they told me because the person that provided the child care expenses is a statue barred return they cannot adjust my taxes for those years.
    There should be a way considering my son did not qualify until 2011 and they went back to 2004 from the time he was born
    and I was informed by the cra that I could also claim the full child care expenses due to the fact that I was in school full time for those years.
    Is there anyway to get them to allow me to claim the child care expenses for 2005 and 2006 I have been fighting this since my son qualified for the dtc.
    Please get back to me on this, I am really lost on this subject

    posted April 24th, 2014 at 3:44 PM

  2. Lorilee Campbell said:

    I separated form my common in law in Nov 2010 and followed procedure by notifying CRA of our separation 90 days later , as well as letting them know we share custody of 2 children. I asked if this would effect my CTB. The agent assured me I would receive full payment, unless my ex contested. I was not told that I would need to repay any paid benefits if he did contest. Well, he contested in 2014 and now I owe thousands of dollars. CRA said I should have informed them of the shared custody when the new rule re: shared custody came into play in July 2011.Well, from my understanding I am to inform them of any CHANGES, and shared custody was not a change. As well as this, I was not made aware of the rule, so I owe them these backdated payments. My income per year was less than 25, 000 and my Ex is a RCMP who makes 80,000+. I appealed, and lost the objection and still owe. When I tried to talk with an agent, they gave me “I don’t care” type of attitude. Really? I am a single mom and owe approx. 10,000. They said well, if we take 100% of your entitlement, you can have it paid off in less than 10 years. Really? Talk about unfair !!!And who suffers??? My children!!!!

    posted July 29th, 2015 at 7:34 PM