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Tax Reassessments

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Responding to a reassessment by the CRA requires prompt and persuasive action. Taxpayers can trust our lawyers to draft comprehensive objections to reassessments and to strive for the best possible decision from the CRA Appeals Division.

A professionally prepared Notice of Objection that details the facts, provides an analysis of the tax issues in dispute and supports your position with relevant and up-to-date interpretation of the law will provide you with the best opportunity to resolve your tax dispute.

A reassessment occurs when the CRA disagrees with the filing position of a taxpayer. Normally the CRA has 3 years to review your tax return and decide to challenge you. A taxpayer receives a Notice of Reassessment providing some information regarding the reassessment. If a taxpayer disagrees with the reassessment a taxpayer must object to that reassessment. A taxpayer has 90 days from the date of a Notice of Reassessment to file a Notice of Objection with the Chief of Appeals of the CRA.

Our tax lawyers will argue in your favour and protect your interests. We don’t just provide information. We present that information in a persuasive manner, argue your position vigorously and support that argument with relevant law.

Our tax lawyers will discuss your case with you and review the merits of your position.

We will:

  • review documentation you provide;
  • request all relevant documentation from the CRA including CRA memos and internal correspondence;
  • advise you of relevant law;
  • assist in conducting a cost – benefit analysis of objecting to the reassessment;
  • prepare comprehensive and convincing Notices of Objection;
  • represent you and negotiate with the appeals officer assigned to your objection;
  • assist you in deciding whether to accept any settlement offers; and
  • provide advice regarding whether to pursue your case to the Tax Court of Canada.

We look forward to discussing your dispute with you. We can help you achieve a favourable outcome with the Appeals Division of the CRA. Contact us and know that your objection is in good hands.