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Being audited can be an intimidating experience. If you are being audited, this is the first and least expensive opportunity for one of our tax lawyers to help resolve your dispute with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

CRA auditors often make taxpayers feel defensive and vulnerable. Having some knowledge about the process of being audited and knowing your rights throughout that process can be empowering.

In some cases, your dealings with the CRA auditor may be frustrating or stressful. The auditor’s job is to assess tax, not to protect your interests. Sometimes you may clash with the auditor. Using our tax lawyers can minimize your dealings with the auditor and hopefully lower your stress level so you can focus on other things (like trying to earn a living!). Fighting with the auditor is unproductive and may prolong the audit or result in unwarranted tax assessments or penalties.

CRA auditors will likely ask for you to provide information, documentation and to answer questions in writing. That information forms the basis for any tax reassessment. Understanding what documentation or information you must provide and carefully considering your answers to any questions can help you start the process on stronger footing. Our tax lawyers can help you understand why the CRA auditor is asking for particular information or why the auditor is asking certain questions.

Even a 30 minute consultation can help prepare you for the CRA audit process and will improve your chances of a quick and efficient resolution and minimize the chances of a mistake or misunderstanding by the auditor.

The CRA has broad powers to demand and seize documents and notes from your accountant and other parties. The CRA can use these documents, notes, and discussions against you. As lawyers, your discussions with us are completely confidential and protected by solicitor-client privilege. Our notes cannot be seized by the CRA.

In other situations our tax lawyers will review relevant documentation and assist you in preparing answers to questions. Additionally our tax lawyers will prepare written submissions to a CRA auditor supporting your filing position and explaining your position on certain tax issues. We will contact an auditor to discuss your position and explain your position with respect to particular issues.

Talk to one of our tax lawyers to ensure that you start the tax dispute process in the most effective manner possible. You want a quick and efficient resolution to the tax audit - get professional help by contacting us.