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Tax Amnesty

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If you have failed to file tax returns as required by law, or have failed to report income or a sale of property you may want to come clean and reporting this income before the CRA catches up to you.

Tax amnesty offered under the Voluntary Disclosures Program is often the most attractive alternative for those who are potential targets of this enforcement activity.

Our tax lawyers can help taxpayers avoid penalties and prosecution as well as obtain relief from interest.

We will help you understand if the program is right for you and if so, what the potential benefits of participation in the program are. We will also assist you to understand the potential risks of participation in the program.

Should you choose to proceed with a disclosure, we will carefully draft your disclosure and manage the disclosure process from start to finish such that your rights are protected to the highest degree possible. We can make initial inquiries on your behalf on a “no-names” basis to preserve confidentiality. Unlike discussions with other professionals, your discussions with tax lawyers are completely confidential and protected under solicitor-client privilege

Our clients save money and sleep better at night because our tax lawyers provide thorough advice and offer substantial experience throughout the disclosure process. Contact us to discuss whether the tax amnesty program is an alternative for you.