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Our Services

If you are having a tax dispute with the Canada Revenue Agency our tax lawyers can help. Our tax lawyers resolve disputes of all types with the CRA and can assist at any point in the tax dispute process. Some services our tax lawyers provide are:

Tax Audits

Being audited can be an intimidating experience. If you are being audited, this is the first and least expensive opportunity for one of our tax lawyers to help resolve your dispute with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). CRA auditors often make taxpayers… learn more »

Tax Reassessments

Responding to a reassessment by the CRA requires prompt and persuasive action. Taxpayers can trust our lawyers to draft comprehensive objections to reassessments and to strive for the best possible decision from the CRA Appeals Division. A professionally prepared Notice of Objection… learn more »

Tax Appeals

If the CRA’s position is unreasonable, you have the right to have your day in court and receive fair treatment by a judge of the Tax Court. Often, this is all most taxpayers are asking for. Appealing a decision of… learn more »

Appeals of Tax Court of Canada Decisions

If you are unsuccessful at the Tax Court, you have the right to appeal. Sometimes, the Tax Court gets it wrong. Our tax lawyers can assist you by analyzing your case and thoroughly exploring any possible arguments that could be… learn more »

Tax Amnesty

If you have failed to file tax returns as required by law, or have failed to report income or a sale of property you may want to come clean and reporting this income before the CRA catches up to you. Tax amnesty… learn more »

Taxpayer Relief and Fairness

Taxpayers are often assessed interest and penalties by the CRA that are of amounts that are extremely large and punitive. Even when you agree that an amount of tax is owing, you may feel that the amount of the interest or penalties… learn more »

Tax Collections Issues

Taxpayers often feel bullied and powerless when dealing with CRA collection agents. The assistance of one of our tax lawyers can help you understand your rights and assist you in negotiating a favourable outcome. In certain circumstances we will coach you through… learn more »