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Solicitor-Client Privilege

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All communications with our lawyers regarding your tax dispute are subject to solicitor-client privilege. This means that once you have retained us as your lawyers, what you tell your lawyer will never be disclosed to the CRA without your consent and cannot be used against you in a court of law. Accountants do not offer the same protection - communications with your accountant are not protected by privilege. The discussions you may have with your accountant and the confidential notes in your accountant’s files or in your broker’s files are not protected.

We take our duty of confidentiality to our clients seriously. Your confidential information will not be disclosed.

Any communication between you and one of our lawyers, for the purpose of obtaining legal advice, is a communication that falls under the umbrella of solicitor-client privilege. Our lawyers cannot be compelled to disclose that information in any circumstances, including by a judge in court.

Any communication between you and one of our staff, for the purposes of obtaining legal advice from one of our lawyers, is likewise subject to the protection of solicitor-client privilege.

Accordingly, you can be forthright with us and we can provide you with an assessment of your position, without being concerned that the information will later be used against you.